• • 84 pages • 13 exercises well documented with photos and text

    Please note:

    The Book will be available in February 2018! • The Book (printed version) is at the moment only available for residents in Australia and New Zealand!
  • • eBook version • in PDF format Please note: to avoid illegal file sharing, each eBook comes with an individual and customized watermark
  • The Backfree Instructor Manual is only meant for people, who want to teach the Backfree programm! If you are interested in becoming a Backfree Teacher and get a copy of the Backfree Instructor Manual, please send an Email to
  • The Backfree video is available for you to download and outlines each of the exercises in the book with clear explanations on how to attain the correct “actions” and “containment” within each exercise. • 13 exercises well explained by Backfree founder Darren Evans Please note: this item is only available as a digital download!!

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